The Smith's Motorcycle Information
Used by permission of the IBA
IBA No. 8993

2005 Honda GoldWing "The Bearon"

The Bearon's Trip Resume:

  • March 2006 - Gary Schoenfeldt Memorial Ride
  • August 2006 - IBA National Meet in Denver, Pikes Peak, Colorado
  • November 2006 - Deming, New Mexico Ride to Eat - 3 days
  • August 2007 -MSF Training Clinic in Little Rock, Arkansas - 3 days
  • September 2007 - Durango, Silverton, Ouray, Colorado - 10 days (With Trailer)
  • November 2007 - Deming, New Mexico Ride to Eat - 3 days
  • November 2008 - Deming, New Mexico Ride to Eat - 3 days
  • August - September 2010 - Glacier National Park - 15 Days (With Trailer)
  • May 2012 - Cass, West Virginia - 9 Days (With Trailer)

Modifications and Additions:
Kuryakyn Iso Hand Grips
Chrome Trunk Luggage Rack
Kuryakyn ISO Highway Pegs
Kuryakyn Passenger Footpeg Kit
Kuryakyn Exhaust Turndowns
Garmin Nuvi 550 GPS on Telexent Bar mount
Tulsa Tall Windshield with Vent
Baker Built Hand Wings, Air Wings, Foot Wings
Bushtec V2 Trailer Hitch with Mud Flap
2 Permanant Mount Heat-Troller Controllers
RAM Mount for iPhone 4S

1998 Honda ST 1100 "Stinger II"

Good Looking ST !!!
Birth of a Name

Bill and riding partner, Chuck VonCannon went to Pascagoula, Mississippi in August of 2003 to pick up a 1998 ST1100 that Bill had purchased. The paperwork went well and they were on their way back to Houston. About 10 minutes into the return trip, Bill feels a hot burning sensation on the inside of his right leg. Damn! This thing burned the hell out of my right leg as I am boogying down the freeway! Heh Chuck, what's up with this? How the hell would I know? says Chuck.

So anyway they persevered and off they went. Finally BIll comes to he senses 3 hours later when Chuck says, Damn buddy how did it burn one leg and not the other? Good question. Heh Chuck, I think something bit me. Oh yeah, says Chuck, I can see the little teeth marks! Blisters are forming and things are not looking good. They jump back on the bikes and continue on to Houston.  By the time they get to Houston this is not feeling good. The ST is awesome though!

To make a long ordeal shorter, it is determined that Bill has been stung twice by a spider and has two really ugly holes in his leg. It seems appropriate that since this is the first defining moment for Bill and the ST that STinger was chosen as an appropriate name.

"Farkeling" STinger

Farkeling is a term that was started  in the ST community . The term is used to describe the modification  of one's motorcycle. It doesn't matter what type of modification it is. If you are changing your ST you are Farkeling!

In the greatest tradition of the ST and Farkeling, I have fallen victim to the allure of Farkeling. Since bring STinger home, the following changes have been made:

Marsee 11 Liter Rocket Pocket Tankbag with Rain Cover
Honda passenger backrest
Laminar Lip Combo (Smoke)
Connection for Gerbing's electric jacket controller
V&P Foot (Rain) Shields
Laminar Ears
Honda OEM Fairing Extensions
Honda OEM Style Voltmeter
PIAA 910 Driving Lights on Deck Seng Mounts
Corbin Seat
Garmin Nuvi 550 on Ram Mount
Helmet Locks